What to Expect

it's your time to relax!

You deserve better than a rushed massage, so what to expect with our mobile massage service? With a simple text message or phone call, our therapist will ask a few questions to understand your needs. We personalized our session for each client, so in our first meeting, we will ask you to fill the intake form so we can provide the best service to you.

Our therapist will make an appointment for you and arrive at your home, hotel, or office. We offer several massage techniques to cater to your needs. Don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns or issues with us before your massage visit. Also, we will bring everything for the massage, including a comfortable massage bed, lotions, sheets, towels, and more. The only thing we will need from you will be a quiet room with enough space to assembly the portable bed and walking around it freely.

We will prepare the room for you, guide you about undress and leave the room so you can get ready and lie in bed. Don’t worry if you need help to get in on the massage table; we can stay in the room and give you privacy while lying in bed with our undress code. Feel free to notify your therapist if you need less or more pressure during the remainder of the massage.