Juliana’s Mobile Massage offers a Chair Massage, also named On-site Massage. It is an easy and
convenient way to receive a massage anywhere. We can visit corporate offices, schools, gyms,
restaurants, homes, go to your private party to make this moment memorable for you and your guests, and much more.

Benefits of Chair Massage

The chair massages are limited to the upper body; however, the benefits are similar to full-body table
versions. Stress melts away after a few minutes of sitting on the chair. It reduces stress levels, muscle
tension, pain, enhances circulation, improves physical flexibility, sleep, immune system, and
better chronic disease management.

Corporate Office

On-Site Massage in the workplace is the preferred way to manage stress for companies worldwide.
The positive effects of workplace massage create lasting results, contribute to the well-being &
the success of the entire company, reduce absenteeism, improve retention & engagement and also,
decreases health care cost for the company and employees. It is also a good way to “ take a break”
during long meetings, between sessions, or long shifts, helping the body and mind to recover and be
more creative.


Private Party / Special Event

You can leave a great impression on your guests giving your family and friends a soothing
relaxation when you book a chair massage for your private event. You can do that for your Birthday
Celebration, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Friends Night, or any other get-together you are organizing.


Chair Massage is a great and pleasurable way to say “ thank you” to your employees, manager,
bosses, teams, and partners recognizing their efforts and hard work at any time.

How does it usually work?

Our licensed massage therapist will bring all the necessary equipment to give you the best chair
massage experience. We will arrive 20-30 minutes early to set up our supplies and
equipment. You simply need to provide a space of at least 5’ x 5’ so the therapist can take turns on
the seated massage chair.

Chair Massage usually lasts from 10 to 30 minutes but it can be decided together considering the
number of clients to be attended to. Also, we can provide more than one therapist in case you have a big

Different from a regular full-body massage, during our hands-on chair massage, the client remains
fully clothed and usually includes the scalp, neck, shoulders, mid/low back, arms, and hands.
Appointments are scheduled with a minimum of 2 hours of massage. Take a look at the rates below. Please contact us to receive the correct estimate if you need more therapists.

2-4 hours –  Starting at $200 ($100 per hour)
5-6 hours- Starting at $95 per hour
7+ hours Starting at $90 per hour

*Price May Vary Depending On Location*

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