Hot Stones is a popular form of massage that utilize Basalt River rocks to apply heat to the body and act as an extension of the therapist’s hands. These rocks are the most commonly used for massage because they are smooth and hold heat well. Before treatment, the stones are heated in a professional heater from 110°F to 145°F.

Your therapist will start the treatment by warming up your muscles with a traditional Swedish massage. Once your muscles are loosened, the massage therapist will begin to add the hot stones. While some therapists will place the stones on your body based on anatomy, others believe that different placements allow for better energy flow and will place stones according to energy points. Either way, the stones will usually be placed along your spine, arms, legs, feet, and palms of hands. After the stones are added, your massage therapist will use the stones as extensions of their hands and use them to apply pressure to your muscles. Hot Stones is a great tool to relax deeper fibers.

The Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Though the benefits of hot stone massages have not been researched extensively, it is generally accepted to be a valuable treatment for individuals. This can include those who suffer from anxiety, back pain, depression, insomnia, osteoarthritis, chronic stress, spasms, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, muscle tension and pain, and more.

The hot stones allow the massage therapist to penetrate deeper, so even your most tense, pain-causing muscles can be relaxed. You find the relief to be greater than after a Swedish or Deep-Tissue Massage that does not incorporate heat.

As the heated stones rest on trigger points in your body, they penetrate into body tissues. This causes your blood vessels to open up, resulting in improved circulation. Poor circulation can cause fatigue, which tenses muscles and causes a buildup of fluid and lactic acid. When you improve your circulation, more oxygen is delivered to the muscles, which eases aches and pains.

As a result, It can relieve stress and anxiety, help manage depression, and relieve tension and pain from sore muscles. It can help provide some relief for chronic illnesses or chronic pain.


It is essential, however, to communicate with your massage therapist if the stones are too hot or if the pressure is too harsh on your injury. Pain or discomfort during the massage can cause more harm than good for some people.

Contraindications Of Using Hot Stones Therapy


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